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We Are Crazy About Taste

The history of Gourmet Pizza

we are crazy. about pizza.
When we decided to do this work we made a promise: our customers would eat a good pizza, made with local good ingredients from the territory, we would use our imagination for unique combinations in flavors. in short, an actual “gourmet” pizza.
Our philosophy is solid and simple: we let mature the pizza dough for 48 hours, using only starter that make the dough soft and light like a cloud. We do everything for a highly digestible pizza. Our wood oven will do the rest…


Why it’s a Superpizza

Find out why eat it

Natural Yeast

We only use natural yeast to favor natural rising. Our pizzas are highly digestible thanks to our light dough


We let “mature” our pizzas for 48 hours. A slow rising in order to have light , crisp and digestible pizzas rather than traditional brief rising.

Wood Oven

We follow the ancient art of cooking pizzas in wood oven. Smells and flavors give to pizzas a magical taste.

Crazy to GO

Pick your pizza and we will take it to your door

Download the pizza menu, choose what to eat and order by calling us directly on 338 8590916 or on Food at Home



Hours of Maturing
Dough per day
Pizza flavors
Happy customers

Special Menu

In addition to our superpizzas

In addition to our superpizzas we are also famous for our Special Menus.
With fresh and local ingredients we give you a culinary tour around the flavors of the world.


Hamburgers, bacon and eggs, pancakes. Discover the flavors of the USA revisited according to our “taste”

Vegan And Intolerances

We care that our pizza can be enjoyed by every palate. That’s why we included among our menu also one Vegan and Lactose Free

Festival of Meat Skewer

Periodically we promote themed festivals that have as its protagonist a particular food or type of cooking. Here’s to you the Festival of the meat skewer!


Pizza and beer? A winning combination. Discover all our beers and download our beerbook

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