About Us

We had always thought of us working in the food and wine sector. We liked the idea of being able to offer a product that gives joy and relax, like pizza. But not just any, it had to be a Gourmet pizza, a “Super” pizza. So we got down to it and we have become “those from Superpizza”.

Our adventure is as solid as our friendship and begins way back…
From the beginning we knew that a pizza is good starting from dough. For this reason we have chosen to prepare our pizza doughs with natural yeast and with a slow maturation. This method makes the dough digestible and light.
But also the tradition had to be there. That’s why the wood oven was the first thing we thought for our pizzeria.

To this it has added the search in finding new flavors with combinations of “connoisseurs” not neglecting the sensitivities to various foods, such as lactose intolerance.
Not only pizzas …
But we did not stop to pizzas. Our passion for travel led us to include in our specials menu inspired by traditional dishes of around the world, made with local ingredients, and in full compliance with the original recipes with a touch of creativity. Pizzas and special dishese could only be accompanied by an extensive list of beers and a good selection of dessert.

Our Philosophy


What others says about us

Savino and Riccardo have been my friends for a very long time. Their sense of hospitality makes me feel at home, they are always available to advise you the best. They’re one of a kind!
Every Saturday I’m at Savino and Riccardo’s. I go there very often because you can feel their passion in their work.